A #hashtag closer to your next breakthrough

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are used to denote the topic of the content. First became popular on Twitter and made their way to most other social platforms. 

By adding a # before your desired word or phrase, you can categorize that tweet or phrase as part of the category or group related to that word. A good example of this is #blackfriday or #goals You can use a hashtag for a simple phrase, or you can use it to start a bigger conversation. When the Boston Marathon bombings happened, immediately after typing #BostonMarathon into Twitter helped many people to you explore results under this category. This is also beneficial if you’re trying to learn about something specific and see what other users have been saying about it.

Why should I use hashtags?

There are many companies offering services online. Hashtags are a very simple and straightforward way to narrow down your content or services. It is very important to make your business relevant to your niche. It makes the experience for your customer or reader more fruitful as they could easily come back to you as for the excellent value you provide value while gaining more trust in the process.


  1. Do you think hashtags work better on some platforms than other?

    For example, I’ve seen trends of hashtag amounts increasing and decreasing on certain platforms.

    Some say there is a perfect number. There are so many guides out there, it confuses me along with many others I’m sure.

  2. I believe hashtags are more optimized on some platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.
    However, there is no downside to adding them to your content, no matter the platform you are using.

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