Fast and eye-catching designs without experience? Canva is there for you.

CANVA dashboard

This guide will show you how Canva can help to up your social media game fast and easy.

Canva simplifies the design process for people without any design experience. Currently, it has over 19 million users from around the world. The interface allows you to edit and save in the cloud. It also has a huge library of graphics, symbols, and fonts that you can use in your designs.


Award-winning graphic design software 

User-friendly layout to create professional-quality graphics and smart marketing content. 

Has a free and a premium option


 My experience

Free version

As soon as I found it I got hooked up. I use it quite often for my designs. I find the free version perfect to get started. It includes options to create video, images and use a decent amount of free stock images.

Paid version

A remarkable useful tool included in the paid version is the delete background option. With one click you can achieve high precision and also can fine-tune it as you need it. A praised feature is also a much wider array of quality photos and videos. One click away and save you from having another membership for your stock footage.

Final thoughts

You don’t want to make a poor-quality image and then rely on it for your product.

Canva brings reliability, quality, and consistency to your marketing materials. It’s compatible with most smartphones with their free app and desktop browsers.

So how do you know if Canva is for you? Well, it’s a great tool for designers of all skill levels and creative minds who want to create professional work.  Whether you’re looking for a quick logo or cover photo, need some social media graphics, or want to start a blog, Canva is your answer.

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